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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Secrets of Shiver Star

Hallou people of the Underworld, Rickz here, trying to leave an impression on you infidel mortals who dare disturb my sleep (?) XD Anyways, maybe I should change the name to just me, but I'm still kinda waiting for something to happen becuz I've been getting too fed up in time, considering I'm moving out eventually, so I'll just try to update whenever possible k? :) Like I said, or probably haven't, I don't want to relate a chain of the same posts, even so people want me to continue on the fanfics, but since I've already posted one, I think I'll hand you something more of one interesting article I found bouncing around, not really sure where it came from quite frankly, but I'm glad I did found it, becuz, geez, it's incredibly interesting, so here we go, grab tight, cuz I'll take you on a wild ride!
Here, take this to have a better ride :3

Well, in this particular case, this isn't a creepypasta, but it is a really interesting thought, and I kinda wanted to share it with you, becuz until my point of view, it seems very accurate, maybe I should give something of an intro to this before-hand right? So I'll start from the very beginning of it all, back in the old Nintendo 64 era....

You remember this game right player? Kirby 64 on its own was one of my favorite games of this console, everything about it is amazing, the music, the interractions, the scenery, everything is beautiful and fitting to the Kirby universe right? Well, that's where I'll start this interesting discussion. Like I said, as a little brat, I loved this game non-stop, and hell I still do, I used to play it everyday, this game is really special to me, becuz I spent countless hours on it, I always had a great time (Considering you people know I love Mortal Kombat non-stop, maybe this answers in a way how I can be kind-hearted, but have such a brutal instinct xD). Anyways, back in the day, there was one place that always had my curiosity, out of the seven worlds in this game, my favorite one was the fifth star, Shiver Star. I don't know why, but I liked it, my favorite level in it, being the factory. Back as a child, I would've never realized, but now that I'm more mature, doesn't Shiver Star resemble something?

If you see the image above, and you compare it to a globe, you may notice that Shiver Star looks like our planet, it even has an orbital around it, obviously being the relevant to the moon, and if you can look at Shiver Star on whole, you may even see all of the continents. So I'm convinced, this in fact is planet Earth, but something is odd, mainly that it's gray, giving an allusion that it may be frozen.... Actually, it is frozen, all levels in Shiver Star are covered in ice, which only makes its gray color fitting. This is probably a very morbid look on where our planet may be going, destined to be ruled by the ice and the cold. Maybe, just maybe, it seems that this isn't well documented, but let me guide you into the world of enlightenment I bring. (lol really? xD)

This are all of Shiver Star's levels, including the boss in this star, which I'll cover on a bit later. The first two levels aren't really note-worthy in this theory, as one is a snow-covered plain field, and the other is you jumping among clouds, the last three though, do in fact support this theory.

This is the entrance to level three, if you may notice, it doesn't look like something that would be created by nature right? Yeah, it looks human-made, which supports the theory that humans once resided in Shiver Star, making it more believable to think that Shiver Star is in fact our planet, but that lingers the question... Where are the humans who constructed this place? In any case, I would say that Shiver Star is an Earth in which our resources were used up and they were forced to vacate or something? But don't worry, the next two levels will give you a better insight of what I believe happened in Shiver Star.

This is the entrance to Shiver Star's fourth level, and my favorite in any case, it looks like a factory right? Another human-made building if you ask me, but what about what resides inside of it?

Inside, robots like the one with the giant hammer invade the place, and by the looks of it, they haven't received any maintenance from where I can see, but wait, there's more.

These creatures are also kept inside this factory. from top to bottom, a pig, a bird, a cat, and some kind of wizard? Anyways, they're all kept inside water tubes, and being suspended there, which makes me think, did the crisis that occured in Shiver Star was so severe, that they were forced to mantain these creatures like this in order to make them survive? Are they the last of their species? Was this a fail attempt to clone these creatures in order to avoid their extinction? By the looks of it, Shiver Star was once populated by humans, but something had to happen, to leave the planet a frozen mess, and probably drive them to extinction, these creatures here the only living survivors on this planet, as the robots in here apparently are malfunctioning as they attack Kirby for no reason at all, maybe they had another purpose, but it disappeared with the humans who were to issue their commands. Now, this is where we come to what may be the destruction of this planet's population.

This here is the boss in Shiver Star, HR-H. It seems to be a combat robot, and in fact, it's heavily armed with rockets, lasers, and other weapons, also as you can see, it can transform itself into a combat ship, retaining the rockets and its lasers.

Kirby fights it here, in what seems to be a futuristic city, but to be sincere, there is no apparent reason why it attacks Kirby in the first place, as HR-H is an inorganic material, it cannot be possessed by the Dark Matter (the enemy that controlled your allies at the beginning of the game, and practically the whole point to defeat in this game), so, this still leaves the question, why attack Kirby? My take on this is that HR-H, and possibly many others, were used in one of many human wars, but horribly malfunctioned, and ended up annihilating all humans that came upon its sight. I truly believe HR-H was probably the reason humans became extinct, being a combat robot, and probably being used for war, it was possible for it to malfunction, which is what may have happened in here, and would explain why there are no humans around, that would also explain why it attacks Kirby, identifying him as a target.

The secrets of Shiver Star, why is it a frozen wasteland, full of malfunctioning robots, was probably caused by human greed, unproper play of technology may have even caused it to become the frozen wasteland we know Shiver Star for, and that same unproper play of technology may have caused the powerful robots like HR-H to malfunction, and in turn, made humans realize they brought their demise.

What do you people think? I really think it's an interesting theory and I'm kinda bound to believe it, it's still a really morbid theory, but it may come to be our reality, just a thought, I still love this game regardless, but if you have something you want to share, there's the comment section below :D 

This is it for today, see ya later Underworlders!!

You cannot judge me, for I am justice itself!
Draconic Nightmare Rickz

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