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Saturday, June 8, 2013

League of Legends Fanfic "Without a sound..."

Hallou people of the Underworld, yours truly Rickz copying, here, I still need a little more time on the MK history, but in the meantime, I'll give you another fanfic before continuing with the Yu-Gi-Oh one (reason for this, I'm kinda bummed that Dragon's deck in my fanfic, has a concept similar to the new Elemental Dragons, the only difference is the effects... but geez, it no longer seems original.. want to think that over.) Anyways, since I'm kinda lose and had lots of thinking, I thought of presenting a fanfic of League of Legends, becuz I dunno, they're kinda interesting and the ones I find are always too short for my taste, so here we go, buckle up, becuz I'll take you on a wild ride!
Without a Sound... Prologue "The Institute"
"I'm just getting tired of this..." said Ezreal, staring into the entrance of the Institute of War created to avert wars and conflicts between nations. Reluctantly, he entered. The first thing he noticed, was the beautiful marble works that composed the insides, a huge fountain in the center, and a lot of purple garbed people, who he could only assume where the summoners. One of them noticed Ezreal, and hurried over to him, bending over in one knee, he grabbed Ezreal's hand. "Ohh! I can't believe it! You're really the prodigal explorer!!" said the summoner, visibly overjoyed, "I never thought you would willingly join the League." Ezreal, slightly annoyed, removed his hand from the summoner's grasp and replied "I'm just tired of being pulled over everytime... can't even sleep in my house in Piltover without getting dragged into here to compete..."
"You're really popular amongst the summoners explorer, one of the favorite attack damage carries or ADCs in here."
"What did I do to make them love me so much?"
"I don't know, but you still have that certain touch with them, anyways, are you here to join the League?"
"I don't want to, but I feel that if I can't be exploring because of getting dragged into here, I might as well join."
The summoner seemed somewhat disappointed by Ezreal's reply, Ezreal noticed this, and tried to liven it up a bit.
"So... is there some place here to eat? I'm starving..." The summoner lightened up almost suddenly, which surprised Ezreal.
"Of course! Follow me explorer."
"You may call me Ezreal... emmm..."
"I'm sorry Ezreal, my name is Markus, one of the most venerable summoners that keep watch over the Institute, if you have any doubt, you may feel free to ask me."
They walked further and further into the Institute, until Markus stopped, and signaled Ezreal to a huge door on the right, it was decorated in a way that it looked very extravagant, highly detailed, and at the top of the door, had a plate that had wrote on it "Dining Hall". Ezreal eagerly pushed open the door, and was shocked at the amount of League champions condensed in it. He could spot a lot of champions he knew, yet didn't remember many of the names, he spotted the Demacians, their king, Jarvan IV, helping himself with a variety of pastries obscuring the view of the other champions around him, yet it was weird seeing him in more casual clothing. Up ahead, he noticed the Noxians, just seeing them made a knot in his stomach, as he has always detested the Noxians. He could named them all, their leader at the time, Jericho Swain, the first commander, Darius, his brother, the glorious executioner Draven, and the sinister blade Katarina. He knew some others were missing, but that was the least of his worries as he snapped back into the world and noticed he was staring directly at Katarina, who has stopped drinking her beer once she noticed Ezreal looking blatantly upon her. Rather than minding, she just winked at Ezreal, and laughed when he blushed and hurriedly move on. Ezreal found himself finally in the buffet, grabbed a plate, and began helping himself with some chicken, rice, and vegetables, after he was done, he looked somewhere to have a seat. He found that to be really hard as he didn't knew anyone in particular, he noticed a huge purple insect like creature mowing away at what looked like to be some pork, disgusted he looked away and try to find someone else.


 He flinched, he didn't knew where the voice came from, but it sounded familiar...

"Ezreal, look at your right."

He did so, and recognized that the voice came from Sona, the maven of the strings, he remembers her, because he has been laned with her multiple times, he also remembers that she's not able to talk, and does so only by telepathy, alongside her, he noticed other champions he was laned with, so he assumed, they were the supports. One of them was clad in a gem-like armor, he smiled and said

"Good day young man, would you like to take a seat with us?"

Ezreal looked around them, he saw Soraka, her staff out of sight, but she was smiling, he also noticed Lulu, feeding her pixie, and Sona, still smiling at him, Ezreal nodded and took a seat with them.

"I see this is your first day here at the institute." said Soraka, Ezreal nodded, and felt the a pat on his back.
"I am called Taric, she's Soraka, Sona, Lulu, and the fanned girl over there is good Karma."
At this, Karma withdrawed her fans, Taric grinned and continued "I'm guessing you didn't recalled our names because you got pulled over and instantly sent away, so it's always nice to be introduced, right Ezreal?"
"Thank you Taric, can you tell me how this champions are divided?"
"Well, there are different quarters, for example, we the supports, have our own customized quarters, endowsed with an aura that helps in meditation and healing spells, Demacia has a quarter of their own, as well as Noxus, and since the institute is so huge, a lot of the other champions enjoy having a room of their own, filled with their own comodities." Ezreal thought to himself "It doesn't sound half bad...." until he was patted in the back, he turned around, and noticed Markus's ruby eyes staring at him, "I see you have found yourself comfortable with the supports, if you have finished your meal, let me take you to were you're staying."
Ezreal, at this, asked.
"Would it be ok with me to stay with the supports? I don't really know anyone else..."
Sona smiled brilliantly at this, and Taric as well as Soraka nodded in agreement, Lulu's pixie signaled Lulu to pay attention, and she instantly nodded to Markus, Karma retrieved her fan and nodded her approval.
"Then with the supports you'll stay Ezreal" Markus nodded, then took Ezreal to his new place.
This is just kind like an introduction, maybe next time there will be some action :)

This is it for today, see ya later Underworlders!!

Can you feel the darkness of the Abyss?
Rickz Jaggerjaquez

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