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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Legend Revives....Part 1/??? (100k Views :D)

Hallou people of the Underworld! Rickz Jaggerjaquez here, and now, I present to you, an XDNightmare productions in contribution to Underworld Honduras... KOI!
Now that the 100K views is taken care of by my unusually large logotype, I'm going to present a topic, one of interesting proportions that I remember back from my days (though barely, but the term is familiar to me, and to any TRUE Pokémon fan out there) of playing Gold and Red. Now remember, I'm not judging anyone who doesn't know about this, but this is part of Pokémon history, and we as gamers, should know about gaming lore or such, so consider this part of my Underworld Specials, for as to we continue to enrich our gaming knowledge, so without further adew....
Nobody is certain who or from where Pokégods came from, but back in the day of Pokémon Red&Blue, this was the phenomenom, this were one of the most constant topics where you would comment with your friends the existance of Pokémon superior to the known to man, in that case, a Pokémon stronger than Mewtwo. This Pokégods, as they were known, were passed down through groups of friends to others in the recess time, where this were received by one claiming to have a Pokégod, or to know a trick on how to encounter one, but this were kept as rumors, even though, some brave people attempted this tricks in hopes of obtaining a Pokégod. Something interesting, is that some tricks for obtaining a Pokégod required the player to not use any gamesharks, which cut about half of the people trying to obtain a Pokégod, but some tried the tricks as they were given, just becuz there was hope in the existance of this beings, which brings us to the first Pokémon considered Pokégod in history.....


Nowadays, Mew is very common, and we have a lot of info about it, but back in the days of Red&Blue, any info about Mew was scarce, and therefore, there was no easy way to know for sure how Mew was obtained, it was of the few Pokémon that achieved the status of Pokégod on its own, and with Mew, the phenomenom began, as everybody were after Mew, and there was no certain way of obtaining him in game, of course, some of you may argue that Mew is obtainable via the Mew glitch in Red&Blue, but that wasn't known back then. Here I'll give you some of the tricks and ways people gave away as the method to obtaining Mew.
*1) Mew after the Elite 4

What to say? In simplicity and beyond, one was required to beat the Elite 4 in a determined fashion or in a determined number of times, the number of times varied, some going over 100, which was really a pain in the arse considering just one time is extremely hard, but some tried and tried, and cried when they lost at the 99th win or so, some variations included carrying a Gengar (dark) and Clefairy (light) in the team, both at level 50, and after defeating Blue, chaos (Mew) would appear, or something like that I don't remember well, another variation included winning the Elite 4 and Blue himself without using any healing items.... like for real??
*2) Mew under the truck

Well, who doesn't know or at least haven't seen that truck that appears near the S.S. Anne? True, the only way to reach there is through cheating devices, but it wasn't rare for someone to say that there was a way to move the truck using Strength (the Pokémon move Strength) and that under it, Mew can be battled, others say that Mew was the truck itself, an illusion or a transformation of sort in order to allure players far away from it, but until now, that truck is just there for aesthetic uses :P
*3) Mew instead of diploma

Remember that nice diploma you receive when you obtained all 150 Pokémon including Mewtwo? Well, some said that in the japanese Blue version (mainly becuz Pokemon Red&Blue in America were based from the Blue version in Japan) you were given a Honor Ball with Mew inside it instead of the diploma.... but this was easily proven to be false.

Well, this is as much info as I can give out for this part, expect part two shortly, also, I'm preparing daily creepys as a request I saw in one of the comments of a post Pérez erased, and part two of the Mystery Duelist saga I was making, so tune in on us for a shot a those!!

Smell ya later Underworlders!! 
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