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Friday, September 7, 2012

Mystery Duelist (Fanfic) Ep.2

Yare yare... R. Jaggerjaquez here... I know what you're thinking, but hear me out will ya? The parts of the Pokégod theme will be given out on a 2-day basis, hoping they don't get bumped before hand so as to make sure the most people read it, so I'm preparing them in advance so as to them simply being posted when they have too :P So expect it soon, for now, I present to you my fanfic's (now named Mystery Duelist) episode 2, so hang tight, I'm gonna take you on a wild ride!!

The scene turns around Yusei's workshop garage. Yusei is working on his D-Wheel, Jack Atlas is drinking coffee, and Crow Hogan arrives:
Crow: JACK!! Stop wasting our money like that!!
Jack: I'm not wasting the money, I'm buying things the king will need to keep his spot on the throne.
Crow: Yeah right, either way, Yusei's the king now
At this, Crow smirks and Jack gets mad.
Jack: What did you say?!?!
At this, Crow and Jack have their stare fixed on each other.
Yusei: Alright Crow that's enough.
Crow: I'm not doing anything bad Yusei, I'm just putting the king in his place.
Jack: What?!?! Do you wanna duel me?!?!
Crow: Sounds right Jack!
Yusei: Jack... remember the Wheel of Fortune is under maintenance.
Jack: Ohh... that's right.
Crow: Good for you, I'd kick your butt anyways.
Crow begins laughing while Jack scolds him. At this moment, Leo and Luna arrive, Leo seems agitated, while Luna seems preocuppied for his brother.
Leo: Yusei!!! I saw him again!! Luna is a witness! He appeared at our room!! and he stole my Power-Tool Dragon!
Yusei/Jack/Crow: What?!?!
Leo: He took my most powerful monster... how am I supposed to duel now??
Yusei: Don't worry Leo, will find him, and get Power-Tool back.
Leo: Thanks Yusei!
Luna: You should be more careful on where you leave your cards Leo.
Leo: Come on Luna, it is our home, how to know someone could sneak so easily and escape as easily!
Yusei: Could you explain to us how exactly he got in?
Crow: Yeah! It would help a lot.
Leo: I can't really explain, he just appeared and vanished instantly.
Suddenly, a dark mist began surrounding where the five of them where, it materialized right in the center.... a human figure! Yusei held the kids behind him, Crow and Jack went to Yusei's side, preparing for battle, as the figure materialized completely.
??????: Hello.... signers.
Yusei: Who are you?
Crow: Are you the one who stole Leo's Power-Tool???
Jack: Answer us!! What do you want from us??
??????: Ahh... yeah, where are my manners? My name is Dragon.... Dragon Reddoaizu.
Yusei: Dragon?
Jack: Hmpf, don't kid with us! What kind of name is that??
Dragon: If you have something to say about it keep it to yourself, ex-king.
Jack: What did you just say?!?
Yusei: Jack calm down! he's just provoking you.
Dragon: There's no need for that.... at least for now.... Leo isn't it?
Dragon points his gloved finger at Leo.
Leo: ye... yes....
Dragon: Here...
Dragon throws a card in Leo's direction and he catches it, it is revealed it is his missing Power-Tool Dragon.
Leo: My... my Power-Tool!!!
Yusei: I don't get it.... why did you stole it if you were going to return it anyways???
Dragon: I needed it for my experiment.... as well as all of your signer dragons...
Crow: You must be wrong of the head if you think will hand over our dragons Reddoaizu!
Jack: Don't count on it.... Dragon!
Dragon: No need, I already took them, and return them to their original positions...
Yusei: What?!?!?
Crow: You can't be serious!!
Jack: But.... how is it possible???
Dragon: I have a special ability that let's me short warp from place to place, and I did it perfectly, up until Leo managed to spot me....
Leo: ....!
Dragon: I'll be sincere with you, I came here to beat all you signers.
Yusei: For what purpose??
Dragon: That's none of your business... Yusei. Let's just have it, that I want to beat the strongest duelists around...
Jack: If what you want is to duel with us we couldn't have it any other way!!
Crow: Bring it on!! I'll be your opponent!!
Dragon: Don't be so eager... Crow, I'll beat all of you in a sistematic way, ascending from bottom.... all the way to the top.... and my first opponent will be.... you two!! Leo and Luna!!
All in the room were surprised by this announcement. Leo and Luna looked on in horror as Dragon began walking towards them.
Jack: Let them out of this!! They are only kids! I'll be your opponent! Let's have a duel!!
Yusei: Dragon! Jack is right! Let any of us be your opponent, but let the twins out if it!!
Dragon: I'm sorry, but I'm supposed to beat you all, and unluckily for them they are included...
Yusei: Dragon!!
Leo: Don't worry Yusei!
Yusei, Jack and Crow all stare back down at Leo, as he holds up his thumb.
Leo: I'll beat him no problem, trust me!
Yusei: Leo....
Jack: At least he shows some guts.
Luna: Don't forget about me! I'll fight too!!
Dragon: Yes, we'll have a tag duel indeed, let me present to you my partner...
A gray cloud suddenly appeared alongside Dragon, it began developing an orange aura around itself, as it fused with the gray cloud and finally coming to life.
Dragon: I present to you.... Zmoke... the cyber duelist.
Zmoke is a robot, composed of gray metal platings and orange rimmings, as well as glowing orange eyes covered by a helmet.
Zmoke: Awaiting commands.
Leo: I'm not scared! I can beat you! I won't let you harm Luna!
Luna: Thank you Leo!!
Dragon: Fine.... Let's go outside, Zmoke follow my lead.
Zmoke: Affirmative.
Dragon and Zmoke shortwarped outside to the Main Plaza, with Leo, Luna and the others coming shortly afterward. An engine can be heard at the distance, Dragon's D-Wheel appears, and parks itself behind Dragon. He approaches the D-Wheel, and takes out the Duel Disk and his deck. Shortly afterward, another engine can be heard, this one passed by Dragon and parked beside Yusei. The female rider removes her helmet, revealing herself to be Akiza Izinski.
Aki: Yusei!! I saw that rare D-wheel that appeared out of nowhere and was riding without a rider, and I followed it here... who is he? and what is that robot?
Yusei: Aki, glad you came, that duelist is Dragon Reddoaizu, apparently he wants to defeat us all, and that robot is known as Zmoke, and he's Dragon's servant... Luna and Leo are about to duel with them.
Leo: Aki! Watch as Luna and I defeat this guy and his robot!
Luna: Give it your all... Leo.
Leo: You too Luna, don't worry, I'll protect you!
Dragon comes to Zmoke's side.
Dragon: The rules are simple, we'll follow the common Tag Duel rules, you can't give tips to your partner and you can't exchange strategies, you can only play with what they left you on the field. We'll play 8000 LP a piece, once the LP reach zero, you lose.
Leo: We already know that!! Let's duel!
Dragon: My my, aren't we impatient? Idaro (very well)..... Zmoke! Initiate battle mode!
Zmoke: Battle mode engaged! Time to duel!
Dragon/Zmoke/Leo/Luna: DUEL!
Dragon: Senku owarida! (First turn's yours!)
Leo: Alright!! My turn! Draw!
Leo's hand contains Morphtronic Celfon, Morphtronic Bind, Morphtronic Accelerator, Morphtronic Boarden and Morphtronic Radion, he just drew United We Stand.
Leo: I'll start with this, Morphtronic Celfon in attack mode!!

Morphtronic Celfon ATK 100/DEF 100

Leo: Now I'll activate Celfon's effect! DIAL ON!!!!!!!!
Celfon's chest numbers begin blinking randomly, and it stops at 3.
Leo: Alright! I get to look at my top 3 cards, and if a Morphtronic is within them, I can special summon it to the field!
Leo draws 3 cards, Monster Reborn, Morphtronic Scopen and Double Tool C&D.
Leo: Yes!! I get to special summon Morphtronic Scopen! Also in attack mode!!

Morphtronic Scopen ATK 800/DEF 1400

Leo: Now Scopen's effect! It let's me special summon a level 4 or lower Morphtronic monster from my hand, now come! Morphtronic Radion!

Morphtronic Radion ATK 1000->1800/DEF 900
Morphtronic Celfon ATK 100->900/DEF 100
Morphtronic Scopen ATK 800->1600/1400

Leo: Now, I'll tune my Scopen with my Radion for a Synchro Summon!!

Leo: Docking strength with courage to protect the earth's peace! Synchro Summon! Envoy of love and justice, Power Tool Dragon!

 Power-Tool Dragon ATK 2300/DEF 2500
Morphtronic Celfon ATK 900->100/DEF 100

Crow: Excelent! Leo got his ace monster at the first turn!!
Leo: Now! Power-Tool Dragon's effect let's me get a random equip spell from my deck to my hand!
Leo's duel disk begins shuffling, laying out a card, Leo takes it, it is Double Tool C&D
Leo: Yes!! I equip Power-Tool Dragon with Double Tool C&D!! and I set one card face-down..... I end my turn!!
Luna: Nice work Leo!
Leo: Thanks Luna!
Yusei: Impressive, Leo.
Jack: Don't let your guard down!! You still don't know what deck your opponents are using!
Dragon: Zmoke, take our first turn.
Zmoke: Affirmative.... I draw!
To be continued......
Yeah I also hate the cliffhangers but I still haven't decided on the decks they are gonna use xD so wait for part 3 :D

This is it for today, see ya later Underworlders!!

Imagine C. Sub-Zero with all the blue parts orange... something like that is Zmoke.
Break the mask of death, and you'll see, there's nothing behind it to fear.
Rickz Jaggerjaquez


  1. You bastard! you did the same thing Kubo did to us manga readers.... good by the way, and I noticed that basically you are inserting yourself and your dead friend in the story

  2. Lol, yeah I'm aware of that, I'm still preparing some stuff that needs to be taken care of :P and yeah you can say that - Rickz