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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top Videos #4

Well this segment seems too be doing pretty well, so more of a reason to continue it. I put quiet some effort into choosing the best AMVs and fandubs for you so hope you enjoy them.

Oh and every so often I will be doing an anime special where all 3 videos will be dedicated to a specific anime, the first one today will be from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Lets start!

1) This is War- AMV by Duskshadowleaf00

2) Flames of Revenge- Envy vs Mustang AMV by Cazte

 3) Kesenai Tsumi- English Fandub by SorkaTV

BONUS!!!- Kesenai Tsumi Spanish Fandub by SanDriiTa1990

 Well that is all the videos for today, decided to throw in that bonus since that song is totally worth it. Thank you for reading us, stay tuned to Underworld Honduras, see ya later!


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