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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Niaaano niaaaanooooo, Danny here, been forever since I last wrote anything here, for those than dont know who I am, the pleasure is all yours. Soooo lets get straight to the business at hand which is the new segment I will be doing for this blog: Top Videos!

Image Property of Pedro Peirano and Álvaro Díaz.

So what I will be doing in this daily segment, or every two days depending on the amount of time I have in my hands is post here the best 3 AMVs and Fandubs that I can find for you to enjoy, simple as that. I have always been a fan of these sorts of videos so I decided to share them with you guys. Note that I will include videos both in English and in Spanish, so as not to leave out part of the audience.

Now without anything else lets start with our first three videos!!!

1) This is War- Katekyo Hitman Reborn AMV by PJGStudio.

2) This is Halloween- Soul Eater AMV by Sarfios

3) Rolling Star- Bleach Fandub by Elliemonty2, original video taken down because of copyright.

Hope you like my segment, thats all for today, thank you for reading and keep tuned to Underworld Honduras. Danny out!


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