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Friday, January 27, 2012

1 year and 119 posts later...

Hi guys! Today is a very special day for the Underworld Trio. Today, one year ago, Danny and I created the blog. We are really happy that the blog's finally one year old. So I'm going to tell you about how we created the blog. By the way, this is our 120th post :D
It was January 26, 2011. Danny and I where in Computer class. Our teacher, Mr. Raf, told us to get in pairs and decide which would be the theme of our blogs. Danny, Judini and I had been with the idea of creating a store that would sell videogames, comics, manga, and things related. We decided to call the store "Underworld" because here in Honduras gamers, frikis, otakus, and related are like way under the social class in people of our age. Sadly, "the top class" are those who listen to a crappy "music genre" called reggaeton. :/ So using our idea of the store, Danny and I decided to create a blog about videogames, manga, trading card games (which ended up being only of Yu-Gi-Oh! XD) and comics. We named the blog after our future store and added Honduras to the name to avoid problems with other things called "Underworld something". That same day, I created our account in Blogger and edited the blog. But it was until January 28 that the blog had its first post. That day, I made a post of Yoshi, which was practically a copy/paste of the article in Wikipedia only that it was written in green XD That same day "I wrote" 2 posts more, one about Kiba and Akamaru and the other one about Ghost Rider. Two days later, I wrote my first original post, my post about Bardock ^_^ I remember being super excited about that post. The next day Danny made his first posts, one about anime and the other about otakus. So time went on and Danny and I started making more and more original posts. In February 13, I made my first post using white letters :P In March 2, Danny made the first Yu-Gi-Oh! post of this blog. Around this dates, our teacher told us that we had the 2nd best blog of our generation :D We were the only ones that had reached 500+ views in all the partial that we were supposed to work in the blog (Our closest competitors barely reached the 250 mark ;) ). So our teacher told us that he would stop checking the blogs, and the great majority of our classmates stopped using their blogs. That we know of, we are the only blog that is still alive :D By March 30, Judini had finally joined the blog, so in my post about the Nintendo 3DS, we used for the first time a signature. On April 2, Judini made his first post, and he being a Mortal Kombat fan, made his first post about it. On April 26, Danny made one of my favorit posts of the blog. It was about some of the best Latin American anime openings. I really liked it because it reminded me of my childhood. :') The blog was already starting to get around 20 visits per day. We reached the blog's first milestone between May 1 and May 2, our first 1,000 visits. We couldn't believe it. We where really happy about it. When we checked some of the few blogs that were still active in those days, our closest competitor was still in the 500+ views. In May 13, Danny made a post about the best Latin American Endings, which I also liked a lot. During May, I wasn't able to make any posts due to the fact that my father decided to cancel the internet -_- I didn't make a post until June 14, when I made my post about The Flash. In August 8, Judini published the blog's first interactive poll about the Top10 MK Fatalities. In August we also reached the next biggest milestone for the blog, the 10,000 visits :D September's biggest highlights for me would be Danny's post about the 100 Laws of Anime :P October's best posts for me would be Judini's post about winning at all costs vs having fun and Danny's post of a "guide" for the people who are new to Yu-Gi-Oh!. In November I made Danny an addict to Plants vs Zombies because of may post about it XD November's biggest highlight was the second edition of the Megacon HN. Danny and I owe you guys the post about it XD Judini sadly couldn't go because his parents couldn't take him :/ Finally we reached December. December was really strange due to the problem we had with Judini's signatures being from someone from DeviantArt. "Thanks" to that problem, our views skyrocketed O.o With that, we reached 2012, and are now here, in the blog's first anniversary.
Now, some words from the Underworld Trio:
Judini: "Hey was it really necessary to mention that -.-'' I mean its all over now why mention it again -,-'' Anyways I thank you all for all the support you people have given us and hope for a bright future for the blog in its second year of life :D thank you guys for making this happen!!"


Pérez: "I'm really happy that the blog's finally 1 year old, and this is all thanks to you guys, the underworlders. I hope that we have another awesome year, and who knows, maybe even reach the 250,000 views by next year's anniversary :D "

The image says: Underworld Trio "Pentagon Formation!"
Danny is Pikachu, Judini is Mewtwo and I'm Wobbuffet (according to a Facebook quiz XD)


  1. mmmm you know I'm startin to think.... where the **** is Danny?! is he like Waldo or something?

  2. hahahahaha In a past post, I said that Danny has felt unmotivated to write. ;)

  3. Hahahaha hi guys XD Andrea G greeting you, I casually have a senior 2012 friend that takes Japanese class with who told me they were also doing the blogs this year, and I remembered about yours! Man srsly I am sure you are the only ones that continued it. Congratz you are a very nice trio, continue with your studies and reach your dreams guys (invite me to the opening of the store too ok!). Oh and if you are curious of this year's seniors's blogs here is the one of my pal:
    they have links to other blogs too well nice seeing you are doing well, have a great year 2012!

    1. Thanks Andrea! I'm definitely checking out this years blogs :D