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Friday, January 20, 2012

Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. I wanted to apologize for the lack of new material this year. Danny feels "unmotivated" to write, so we have to find a way to make his part until he feels like writing again. As I writer, I understand him. Right now I have an unfinished story that I haven't touched since November because I haven't felt the inspiration to write. So, let's hope that Danny recovers from it! ^_^
Well, we are now 1 week from the blog's first anniversary!!! :D The blog's anniversary is January 26 ;)

Okay, now with the off-topics aside, let's focus on the post. Yesterday I finally watched the new Dragon Ball OVA about Bardock. Since I'm a huge Bardock fan (I prefer him over Goku and Vegeta :O ), I thought that it would be a pretty good idea to make a post about it. :)
So the story begins with the final attack of Bardock against Frieza. Frieza sends his final attack and destroys Planet Vegeta. In Bardock's first OVA, you thought that he died because of the attack, but in this OVA, Bardock somehow survives and appears in Plane Vegeta, but in the past. These purple tadpole/salamander/snail-like creatures are the ones that live on the planet (If they're the ancestors of the saiyans, what an amazing evolution they had XD). The town's "doctor" cures Bardock's wounds using the same liquid that is used in the healing machines of the future. He leaves the house/hospital because he saw a spaceship that resembles the ones that Frieza uses. Two creatures get out of the ship and say that the planet is now property of Captain Chilled, Frieza's ancestor. They start attacking the people and town, but Bardock killes them. Bardock goes to a cave and stays there to train. The doctor's son everyday goes to the cave and gives Bardock food. They progressively start like a friendship. But obviously Chilled wasn't happy that he didn't get the planet, so he and a few minions go to the planet. They arrive saying that they're intergalactic policemen and get information about Bardock. Suddenly, they start attacking the natives. Bery, the doctor's son, begs Bardock to help them, but Bardock refuses. He finally accepts and goes to the town, where he easily killes Chilled's minions. When he sees Chilled, he thinks that it's Frieza, so Bardock attacks Chilled. Chilled gets mad and starts beating up Bardock. Chilled is about to send an attack to Bardock, but decides to  send it to Bery instead. Bardock gets mad with himself. He wishes that he was stronger and remembers his dead friends. Thanks to that... BARDOCL BECOMES A SUPER SAIYAN!!!!! He easily beats the crap out of Chilled and sends him towards space with the same attack that he used to try to defeat Frieza. Chilled appears inside his ship in like a futuristic hospital bed and tells one of his minions to inform Chilled's clan to beware a race that can turn blonde... The Saiyans. And that's the story of the original legendary super saiyan ^_^

With this OVA, I feel that someone could make a series based on the DB Universe before Goku. It could show Bardock's adventures, the origins of Planet Vegeta and so on...

Here's the OVA:

I hope that you like the OVA. I personally loved it :)


  1. mmm there IS in fact a Bardock saga...

  2. By any chance do you mean Bardock's first OVA?

  3. OFF COURSE HE MEANS THAT!! Out of DBZ fundamentals, all ovas relating to Broly or Bojack or Garlick Jr. or whatever are known to be the main villian's saga. Now I know why in Ricardo's comics Danny referred to you as a n00b xD (no offense)

  4. this serial v nice i like it