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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hey guys Draconic Emperor Ricardo here :D This will be real quick, so please make sure to understand :)

Maybe some of you.... or a majority of you may have noticed that our blog was taken out around 2-3 days ago. Well, it appeared a message that said that Underworld Honduras was erased....

Neither the 3 of us did it.....

At first, Danny and I thought we were SOPA'ed (if you don't know what SOPA is, check it here But according to Pérez, the blog was shut down internally, and after checking some Blogger forum, there were a HELL LOT of  complains about getting their blogs erased. Our blog in particular was taken down for about 18 hours according to Pérez, and over that span, I want to apologize to all who tried to enter our blog during that time. Also about SOPA, you should know that it is frozen at this moment, but that doesn't stop places like Megaupload and Fileshare from being closed, so we can say that the internet as we know it may die unless we unite against this law. So show support! Stand against SOPA for the being well of internet and our right for online freedom!! Anonymous has made a move, make it count :)

This is all for today, my next post will include a series of komics that were requested and some FAQ people have been asking, from things I didn't specified or wasn't very clear on them.

See ya later Underworlders!!

Sorry no sig, apparently we can no longer post any images.... or my computer is retarded and doesn't let me do it, I hope it is the second one xD

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