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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Samurai X

Samurai X(Rurouni Kenshin)

Samurai X, also known in Japan as Rurouni Kenshin, is one of the classic animes or manga that every single person that can calm herself an otaku has read or seen in their life. The famous story of the homeless samurai who, repenting for his crimes during the Bakumatsu, settles in the house of Kamiya Kaoru in Tokyo and destined to have all those memorable adventures that made this anime so popular with people ranging from kids to grown-ups.

The action of the fights against the various enemies that Kenshin is forced to meet throughout his life complemented with the humor added every now and then by the creator and the romantic part of the series has converted this into a famous classic that most people can remember kindly from their childhood.

Now I wont be making a through guide of all the characters as I believe anyone that has read this article has at least heard of these characters. Instead lets see interestingly that this anime is based on real historical facts.

First of all lets start that the place of the storyline, the Meji Era, started right after the Bakumatsu, the war in which Kenshin is known to have fought. Next was the fact that Kenshin was based off Kawakimi Gensai, a real life samurai, one of the Four Notable Assassins also known as the Hitokiri meaning that it wasnt a title made up by the mangaka. Finally is the fact that the assassination of Okubo Toshimichi by Seta Sojiro was altered from the fact that the real noble Okubo was killed by a group of angry protestants(in the anime you see them outside the carriage saying theyll take credit for the kill).


Okay first in favor of the OVAs they introduce a bit of what was the history of Kenshin before he came to be known as the Hitokiri Battousai starting from where he was a little child on a caravan to where he met Hiko Seijuro and started training to becoming part of the patriots of the Meji Era. So far so good. However the sad part is the future one, not only do they totally mess up the arc of Enishi but the fight itself is far too short and even then Kenshin leaves again to another country agreeing to help in a war. As he returns with the help of Sanosuke, facing a tragical shipwreck on the way, he drags himself to the arms of Kaoru who was waiting for him and expires quiet pitifully immediately after she calls him "Shinta". Now I THAT the ending we want for our hero? Who saved Japan in place of the police who curiously never seem to be around when needed? Who inspired so many of us to follow with the anime to the very end? NO!!!


Ignoring all that nonsense of the sickness taking over his body and eventually leading him to a dishonorable death the real ending of Rurouni Kenshin is much much happier. First of all Kenshin doesnt die, he isnt supposed to, after his time with Kaoru he becomes happy enough that the weight of his life that had caused the disease disappears and so he is cured. Yahiko becomes the new successor of both Kamiya Kaoru Ryu and the sakabato carried by Kenshin, he is also seen next to Tsukume leading to believe both of them got together for a date. Aoshi takes his position as chief Okashira of the Oniwabanshu and is apparently married to Misao Makimachi(He is 30-something...she is 18...thats interesting...). Sanosuke decides to travel the world around although currently staying in Mongolia. Saito is assigned a special mission in Hokkaido Island where he is said to be doing fine although in great peril. Kaoru and Kenshin have their son Kenji which later becomes the successor of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu. Megumi opens her own medicine clinic where she can help patients as much as she wants to. Enishi is seen depositing flowers upon the grave of her sister showing that he hadnt died as most had thought. Up to the very end Rurouni Kenshin gave the readers the great feeling of a happy ending that was well deserved by a true legend of anime that will stay forever in our hearts.


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  1. WOOOOOW!! No tenia idea de que Kenshin habia terminado asi, muchas gracias por postear esto, en serio nunca habria pensado que Sano se iria de viaje por el mundo XD.