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Monday, February 14, 2011

Dragon Ball Z: Super Sonic Warriors 2

Okay dear surfers of the great internet today I thought I would write an article to do with Dragon Ball Z, the idea came from a teacher constantly telling us that we speak nonsense whenever my friends(one of them being Perez, my co-blogger) and I argue over very important anime related things XD(nothing more important than whether Gohan became Super Saiyan 3 or not), anyways I thought I would do it about this game which I recently finished on my DS emulator.

Well this is the continuation of the Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors version for the Game Boy Advance which I also played in order so that I could compare both games and make a good comment about it.

This game is the normal scrolling-scene fighting game where you can of course control about just every major character from DBZ whether it be as a playable character or just as a supplementary or assistant.


First of all this game works much like its older version however there are a few slight differences that are worth noting for this game. The fighting of course involves the Ki percentage which you can charge by either just pressing R to charge it or by hitting the opponent, whichever works out better for you. At 50% of energy you can use the energy specials by pressing Z+X, each character has 3 specials that they can use depending on their position in relation to the opponent: one from the sides, one downward and one upward. After the story modes you unlock also powering ups that can go from increasing attack power when fighting a certain opponent(Defeat Kakarot!=Brolly and Vegeta) to transforming into Super Saiyan to power up all your attacks.

Next in this game you get to have team attacks! There is nothing better than to call on your team mates to attack together and crush the opponent with a massive attack. This attacks can be done between 2 or 3 characters and some of them include a supplementary character in the combination of them.

Finally you have what are called the Ultimate Attacks, basically they are specials that can only be called upon when your life bar is red and you have 150% of Ki gauge...the results is a super-powerful technique that can easily turn what seems a losing battle into an ULTIMATE K.O.

I really recommend this game for the ones that like Dragon Ball Z and would like to see some of the "what-if" storylines that the game includes, true...some of them can be really annoying to complete(I was stuck in the Trunks map forever because I couldnt find how to unlock a stage) theyre worth it sometimes.


Story Mode- No need to be explained, every good ol game knows what this means...yeah exactly...youll be taking control of a certain character to play through his/her story, unlock their power-ups, their ultimate specials and their team attacks. A MUST in order to achieve the full power of every character.

Z-battle Mode= A mode in which you will battle a certain amount of computer-controlled teams, obviously the goal is to defeat them all and maybe set a record for points.

Maximum Mode- A mode composed of a HUGE map(20 stages in each difficulty I think it is...) that has a higher difficulty than any other can unlock some characters by beating all of the modes but theyre really hard...for experienced players only.

Training and Tutorial- No need to explain....

Free Mode- Also not much need to explain, set your battles as you wish in order to experiment and practice, remember all gamers, practice makes perfect! Its the difference between an epic FAIL and just PWNING everyone else.

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