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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn: Flame Rumble XX

Flame Rumble: XX
Ciaossu everyone! For all of those that understood what I just said I want to tell them that the second version of Flame Rumble X has been released already! Unfortunately however like the most awesome games produces its still only available in Japan and I am pained to say will probably stay in this language unless some gamer has a heart kind enough to patch it and make an english ROM version.
This game incorporates all of the available characters of the previous version of the game along with a lot of added new playable, characters and tutors and even some updates to the already existing characters such as giving each Vongola Guardian his Cambio Forma ability to use as final attack.
The training mode was made for this version which has been received gratefully for all of us Reborn! fans who played the first game and noticed how irritating it was to have to open a free battle every time you just wanted to try out that new box weapon you just unlocked, practicing your combos or just simply chilling out and blasting the enemy with specials.
Something else was added to the battling for this game, they created a mode called Flame XXX, basically its a mode that you can activate by choosing the two tutors(oh can now use 2 instead of only one) at once to increase all your battle stats for a moment and turning the tide of battle, this seems particularly useful in some story mode missions when you seem to be losing inevitably.

The XX version of the game seemed to have included the Millefiore villains at their full power somehow being able to release the game long before the anime showed that part of the storyline and we can say it was a total triumph at keeping the story correct and portraying the characters in a fighting game.
-Byakuran(Angel Mode)
-Vongola Primo
-Lambo(15 years old)(YES!! You can finally use him to full power without having to use his annoying kid attacks first and letting yourself die)
-I-pin(15 years old)
-Fran(now with little more real powers)
-Future Dino
All of them have been added for this game along with many tutors that make the game experience much more impressive than last time although lets face it...we all would like for a little more space in order to try and avoid those ultra-powerful special. If this game would be made available to play on wireless it would definitely rival Bleach: Dark Souls without any problem.
 Mitteno di Vongola Primo, Gs Archery, Asari Ugetsu Four Irregular Swords, Alaudes Handcuffs, Knuckles Maximum Break, Mantelo di Vongola Primo, Lampos Shield and Daemon Spade Devil Lens. All of them equally awesome and available in this game.

If you are interested in obtaining this game comment asking for the link to download it. Its 100% working on the NO$GBA 2.6a emulator.

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