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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dat long hiatus....

Hallou hallou people of the Underworld :D R. Jaggerjaquez here, I'm pretty much sorry about this time, I just got into so much that it should be criminal u.u I'm sorry about the long hiatus, but even though how much my time is compressed, I'll try to keep it at least a post per week so as to not abandon our loyal fans of this blog who helped us reach this far :)

Anyways, I haven't have time to developed my MK history neither the Pokégod story :/ so I'll do a different post in the meantime to keep up the entertainment, I haven't done any creepy as of recently right? well congratz, you have earned yourself sexy out-of-the-oven creepypastas for your viewing pleasure and your heart's.... content?  xD anyways two round creepys for you to enjoy :D Like usual, here are the links for past creepys :) Feel free to request any type of creepy you may have ;D

Ok now :D Prepare for excitement, Tremble! Be afraid! Recoil in despair! Cower in awe! And cry your heart out, because my art… is an EXPLOSION!

THe TaiLS DoLL iS WaTCHiNG you

I consider myself to be the luckiest man in the world. But I didn't win the lottery, strike oil in my backyard, or find a drop-dead beautiful girl. I survived.
Let me explain. Last week I was cleaning my dorm with my roommate Alexander, but I just called him Xander or Alex. Everything was going as usual. The work was exhausting; we unpacked box after box (our room was also our U-Haul) and were sorting everything for what felt like decades. But it wasn't without fun. Occasionally we would unpack a box and stumble upon some nostalgic item, like our sound recording pens we used to spy with in our freshman year or old assignments that we thought were torture before but now would be respite. We were having a discussion about invincibility. Alex insisted that some things were just plain ol' invincible, while I argued that everything had to have a weak point. Anyways, we were nearly finished when Alex shouted to me from across the room.

"Hey, look what's in this one!" Alex exclaimed, grinning.

I made my way over to him, and traced his pointing finger to a box containing my old Sega Saturn. I couldn't believe it. My long lost friend had returned. We had both had a Saturn as kids. It was our favorite pastime. It was our childhood. A while back, Alex's Saturn had broken, and I had lost mine. But here it was, sitting in a musty box in the corner of our room. A whole piece of childhood memories and good times buried by adulthood had suddenly been unearthed. We had found a treasure worth more than gold.

"Well, you want to play it or just keep standing here?" Alex barked, jerking me back to reality.

"Uh, sure!" I replied, trying to convince Alex.

Postponing the rest of the cleaning, we removed it, and hooked it up to our TV. Then we indexed the golden library of my old games.

"Whoa, you have International Victory Goal!"

"Yeah. Oh! I forgot about Sonic Jam!"

When we had browsed through everything, we set about what we should play first. We decided on Sonic 3D - Flickies Island. For several hours, we played through every game, reliving our childhood. It was nearly midnight, but we were still going strong. Alex removed the next game from the pile. It was Sonic R.

"Ooh, Sonic R. The Tails Doll is gonna get you!" he said, laughing and tickling me.

"Hey, stop it! Get off!" I shouted playfully. I managed to stop his tickling.

"Want to try the curse?" he moaned, imitating a spooky voice.

"Eh, why not?" I replied, frightened or so.

"I bet you don't even know what it is," he retorted.

Of course I knew about the curse. You play a tag race on Resort Island as the Tails Doll and tag Metal Robotnik (Or Egg Robot), Metal Sonic, and Metal Knuckles, tagging Super Sonic last. After that, the Tails Doll is supposed to steal your soul. It was all bullshit, if you asked me. Nonetheless, Alex grabbed the controller and had everything set up in less than a minute.

The game started. The cursed song "Can you Feel the Sunshine" began playing. We were soon reminded of the difficulty of tag race. Even though I wasn't playing, I felt Alex's frustration as he narrowly missed Metal Sonic, and Metal Sonic turned around. There were several moments of frustration throughout the race as we came close to tagging another player then had the opportunity snatched from us as we bumped into a wall, etc. After what seemed like hours, Alex finally tagged Super Sonic, ending the race. We were both so relieved to have tagged him that we had forgotten about the curse. So when the Tails Doll's picture popped up on the screen, we both jumped. Everything was silent for a few seconds as the Tails Doll seemed to gaze deeply at us, as a predator gazes at his prey, inspecting the meal.

"Heh, forgot about that," Alex said, breaking the silence. "I was so preoccupied with the race..."

"Yeah, me too."

"Well, this is boring. I'm going to get some chips."

"I guess I'll get some too. I am a little hungry."

Going to get the chips had made me less afraid. I had an excuse not to look at that thing anymore. But even when I was out of the room, I knew that thing was still staring at me. What made it worse was that “Can you Feel the Sunshine” was playing in my head, and I couldn't get it out. After a few minutes of being out of the room, my fear had lessened. We began talking again about what we would play next when we got back. I wanted to play my ROM hack replica of Sonic Xtreme, but Alex insisted on Sonic The Hedgehog 2 on Sonic Jam. After our little banter about the next game, we went back into our room and were once again confronted with the Tails Doll.

Alex had won our argument. We would play Sonic The Hedgehog 2 on Sonic Jam next. By this time, I had shaken off my fear and was ready to continue. Alex went to shut off the Saturn. Suddenly, my diminished fear returned, many times stronger than before. Alex had turned off the Saturn, but the picture of the Tails Doll was still on the screen. Its eyes seemed a little blacker. Alex turned around and saw me white with fear.

"What's wrong?" he asked me. I didn't respond. My eyes were fixed on the screen.

Alex turned back around and looked at the screen. Instantly his jovial face was replaced by one of sheer terror. We were both silent for a minute.

"I... I turned it off... it's still there..."

He went back over to the Saturn and unplugged it, then the TV. Nothing changed. The Tails Doll was still staring us down, hungry for blood.

"What the fuck is happening? Why is it still there? I unplugged it! What the hell is wrong with this thing?" he shouted. "Go away! Go the FUCK AWAY!!"

Its eyes blackened even more.

"Get out of there, you goddamn sick bastard!" Alex was provoking it even more with his shouts. "Go away, you fucking demon!"

The lights in our room cut out. Our faces were only illuminated by the light from the TV.

Alex quieted down. "Can you Feel the Sunshine" was playing again. We both sat and listened.

Finally, the TV turned off, leaving us in pitch black darkness.

"What the fuck was that?" Alex whispered to me. "Tomorrow, I'm going right to the Dean's office and filing a complaint. I'm going to get new lights, a new TV, a new goddamn dorm. Do you hear me?"

I wasn't listening. I was distracted by a red light glowing faintly from across the room. I started to get up, in anticipation of it moving closer. Alex was still shouting at me. I tapped him on his shoulder and pointed to it. He saw the light too, and shut up instantly. I was standing up now. "Heater," I whispered to him. He seemed to understand. We had a heater in our dorm room that was sealed off with iron doors.

"NOW!" I shouted. The light shot towards us as we began running towards our safe haven. It nearly missed me. As it flew past me, I caught a glimpse of his face. As I had suspected, the light was coming from the red orb mounted atop his head. He had a mouth stitched closed, and one ear seemed to be bitten off. The worst part was his eyes, two fathomless black voids staring into my soul.

He shot past me and landed in a pile of boxes. We kept running towards the heater. I was always the faster of the two of us, so I was about 2 feet ahead of Alex when it happened. I took a quick glance back to see a red light rising from the rubble. I also saw Alex's terrified face, trying desperately to keep up.

The light shot towards us again. I saw it disappear behind Alex. "TONY!" he shouted. Then Alex fell forward, revealing a bloody claw emerging from his head. He had given me the time I needed. With one great Herculean effort, I flung open the door to the heater, darted inside, slammed it shut, and jammed it just in time to hear the metallic bang of something hitting the other side. I had made it. I was safe... for now. I heard pounding from the other side of the door, followed by scraping, which sounded similar to nails on a chalkboard, but ten times worse. The scraping subsided to pacing, which then gave way to silence. The only sound to be heard was the humming of the heater. It was now that the impact of what had happened hit me. Alex was dead. I was trapped. There was a demon on the other side of the door. I felt like crying, but I didn't. I was too shocked to cry. For a long time, I was at the mercy of my emotions. After a while, I regained control of myself and began to think logically. There were no more sounds coming from the other side of the door. Was it gone? Could I get out? No. That's what it wants me to think. It wants me to think it's gone so it can rip me apart when I open the door. Other times my tidal wave of grief crashed down upon me again. A few times I thought of giving myself up to it so I wouldn't suffer anymore. Fortunately, I stopped myself before I might have done something stupid. I had thought of every way that I might be able to leave my confines other than the door. The only other way was through the heater itself. If I went through there, I would burn up instantly. I kept trying to think, but there was something that always stopped me. That cursed song kept running through my head. Whenever I would think I had found a way that would work, that song would play in my head and make me forget my plan because of my fear. "Can you feel the sunshine... sunshine... SUNSHINE!"

That was it! I had figured it out! I knew its weak point! Memories of my conversation earlier with Alex came back to me. I had said that everything had a weak point. Now I knew the Tails Doll's! The song wasn't a curse, it was a blessing! It told you how to beat the Tails Doll! His weakness was sunshine!

For a moment, I felt relieved. I felt that everything would be ok. But then I remembered where I was. There wasn't any sunshine inside a dormitory. All the blinds were closed, and it was night... or was it? How long had I been in here? Maybe hours? It might already be morning! I didn't have a watch or a phone, and there was no clock in the room. I couldn't tell what time it was by guessing either. My grieving might have been hours, or maybe minutes. It didn't matter. I only had one chance. Its weakness was sunshine, so somehow I had to get it outside. The problem was that I was trapped by it. I would have to run past it, out my door, down the hallway, and out the door leading outside. I began thinking of what I would have to do to make sure I would outrun it. I had seen how fast it was before. How could I outrun that? I couldn't think. I was getting desperate to leave. I mustered up all the courage I had, and flung open the door.

It was still there. It had been waiting there the whole time. But I had anticipated that. As soon as the door opened, I was out. This may have been the scariest moment in my life. I nearly ran into it. With one giant leap, I cleared its head, rolled on the floor, and made it to my door. I think that it tried to sabotage me when I left the furnace. It didn't matter. I was still being chased.

I tore into the hallway, dashing towards the exit. It seemed that the blackout earlier had affected the entire building, because all the lights were out here too. I could see a red light reflecting off the far wall ahead of me. It was in the hallway too. With all the speed I had, I made for the exit. By now, the thoughts in my head had reached a fever pitch. If it was night, I was dead. If it was day, there was no guarantee that sunlight would kill it. But when I looked back at it, I didn't care anymore. What I saw made me go all the way. I turned my head, and once again saw its two black eyes fixated on me. It's sewn up mouth twisted into a smile. Then the strings holding it closed broke, and it opened its mouth, revealing something bloody, teeth so sharp at their thinnest point they were smaller than a Planck length, with blood dripping from the sharp tips. I also saw blood on it's arms from where he stabbed Alex in the head. The blood spelt '666'.

I had finally made it to the exit. My hand grasped the handle, and with one mighty shove I pushed the door open and ran out. I could never be more thankful. The golden sunlight illuminated the dark corners of my eyes, basking my skin in its warmth as I leaped out. But The Tails Doll wasn't far behind. A second after I came out of the door, it did as well, still grinning with its sharp, bloody teeth. But then it stopped short, as if it had been struck through the heart with a sword. It then began to scream, its head pointed skyward. Its shrill scream pierced my eardrums, as it climbed to the volume of a rocket engine. Then at once it was enveloped in flames. It began flailing wildly as its skin boiled and blackened, small bits of it breaking off and blowing away in the wind. He had burned to a crisp. All that was left of him was the red, glowing gem. I decided to keep it as a trophy for my victory. A few weeks later, I sworn I saw the Tails Doll's face in that gem mouthing the words 'I will come back and you know it, Can you feel the terrors of the dark?'
Jujuju just love it! The surge! The power! Come on the next one!! ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!!!!!!!!!!!


I've always been a fan of Mortal Kombat games, especially the Mortal Kombat Project games, but not anymore. In fact, I hate even hearing about the game. One day, I was surfing the web for some games for my emulators, and I happen to come upon a game called "MortalKombat.exe". I'm not going to give out the link for the safety of you and your computer. But anyways, I thought it would be boring and dull, but when I looked at the RAM it took up, it said that it takes 2 GB, so I thought to myself that the game would be exciting, because I've never downloaded a Mortal Kombat game that took so much memory.

So, I clicked on the download link and started downloading the game, suprisingly, it took over 4 hours for the entire game to download, the download then finished, but that's when things started to get weird. The download box popped up, letting me know that the download was finished, so I clicked "Run", then my laptop screen burst into static and started playing a frequenly high pitch sound, then the laptop literally went black. I then grunted to myself in anger trying to turn my laptop back on. After a few tries, my laptop finally turned on, the same as it was before except there was the game on my desktop. I thought to myself that the laptop probably just crashed from the large download. So I clicked on the game and it started playing. There was no music playing, the screen showed Goro and there were the words Arcade, Versus, Practice, Options and Exit. So I clicked Arcade and the Mortal Kombat I arcade theme burst out of my speakers violently, nearly shaking the whole house, so I muted my computer thinking nothing of the sound, and what came up, I couldn't believe.

The character selection screen came up showing a total of 276 characters, I was amazed! This was the best Mortal Kombat ever! So I selected one of my favorite characters, Chameleon, only there were 6 versions of him so I chose the Mortal Kombat Trilogy Chameleon. Then a box popped up on the selection screen saying "Choose Stage", there was a total of 500 stages, only making the game better. So I chose my favorite place to fight, the Mortal Kombat 1 pit. When I selected the stage, Shao Kahns voice said "Good Choice Layne". Two things then popped up into my head, 1. How did he know my name? and 2. How is his voice coming up even though my speakers are muted? Then the loading screen came up, I had to fight Hydro, a Mortal Kombat Project character, so I started fighting and finally got to the point where Shao Kahn's voice said "Finish Him!", then, a box popped up showing a list of names, one was my friends name, Jordan. So I clicked "Jordan" just for fun, and then another box came up, saying "Choose Fatality!" then a box popped up saying "Fatality 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and Stage Fatality", I thought that it was awesome that every character had 10 fatalities and a stage finisher, so I chose "Stage Fatality". When I clicked "Stage Fatality", it showed my character, Chameleon, uppercutting Hydro, causing him to fall into the pit's spikes at the bottom. When he hit the ground, very realistic blood shot out of him as he screamed in agony, but Hydro's scream nearly broke my speakers that it was so loud. I was angry that I kept hearing noises from the game, as I'd muted my computer, and confused as to why the noises were so loud. Then the words "Chameleon Wins! Fatality!" came up on the screen, but there was no Shao Kahn saying the name and fatality, Then Shao Kahn's voice came up saying "You will never win, Layne!" and I mean LOUD, then, a bunch of pop-ups saying "MortalKombat.exe is not responding" came up, crashing my laptop. I was frightened. I tried to turn my laptop back on, but it would not power on, I thought that it must have been a virus. Angrily, I put up my laptop, thinking to myself that I could try and fix it in the morning, since I'm good with computers. I then went to bed, trying to sleep but still thinking about why the game knew my name.

I awoke to a ringing noise. It was my iPhone 4. I looked at my phone to check what time it is; 2:30 AM. I then answered the phone only to hear my friend's mom crying. I asked her to tell me what was wrong and what the siren sound in the background was, she told me that the sirens were police and ambulance sirens and that Jordan was dead. He had several large holes in his body.

I bolted downstairs trying to turn on my laptop, but then a message box popped up, saying, "Thank you for playing, Layne! But I told you, you will never win." I was screaming and crying in horror and despair, as several message boxes popped up saying "NEVER", then the worst thing ever happened to me; a bunch of pictures of dead adults, children and babies popped up on the screen, then a message box popped up saying "Look at Him!" then a picture of my friend Jordan was shown, his eyes gouged out and his intestines popped out laying on the floor, he also had several gory holes in his body. The screen then went black and a Mortal Kombat font came up saying "Layne Wins! Fatality!!!" the screen then went black.

It has been four months since the incident, and I am traumatized by it, just like anybody else would be. The police found the man who killed Jordan. Oddly, he's the creator of the game I downloaded. Yesterday, I was flipping through the channels on my TV and I saw Jordan's killer in court on a TV show. I had to watch. After about 5 minutes, the judge asked him what he had to say before he was sentenced to death. He responded by looking at the camera and saying, "Layne, you will never win", violently laughing as the bailiff carried him away.
Just awesome, I really missed this :'D

Well I guess this is it for now, See ya later Underworlders! Let the Nightmare consume thee :3

I am the God of the new world!
R. Jaggerjaquez

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