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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Legend Revives! Pt. 2


Hallou people of de Underworld :D Draconic Nightmare R.Jaggerjaquez and Runaway Terrorist reporting on the line of fire! I'm truly sorry this isn't earlier, but certain douchebag wasn't answering any of my mails regarding about this specific post -_-

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Anyways, now that the douchebag, I'm not going to say who, is here with us, I'll begin with the second part of the Legend Revives becuz of the hype it created the first time, so my guest will be starting this off, so let's give him a round of boos :D

RT: Very funny -.- Anyways, let us begin.

Ohh I'll cut you here, you can check the first episode of this series here!
The Legend Revives pt 1
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My my aren't we anxious? Fine take your lead xD

RT: There's something I didn't understand in the first part of this series....What are exactly the Pokégods? Well, as their name implies, they are Pokémon considered gods that could find their origin
in one of four different categories, though they were often combined or overlapped.
Supposed evolutions of Pokemon that already existed 
Misnamed MissingNo.-like glitch Pokemon
Pokemon planned for the Gold and Silver versions (or any species above 150)
Seemingly fabricated or just random.

No matter which group a particular "PokeGod" fell into, almost all of them were claimed to be ridiculously powerful. It was commonly believed that if you managed to obtain one, having it "faint" in battle would result in its actual death (meaning it would die and you could never use it again). For this reason, it was often warned never to use one PokeGod against another due to the risk.

The rumors and codes circulated to obtain such PokeGods were often ridiculously extreme or convoluted in such a way that it would take a person hours to perform and test out on their own. Due to the vagueness of these codes, one could never be entirely sure if they performed a code "correctly", which often times only lent towards a code's perceived truth, since if it was so difficult to perform, many people assumed they might actually be true. Another contributing factor to the difficulty in testing was that some codes would claim to only work if the player had never used any form of cheat device on their game. This cut out a large percentage of the fanbase from even attempting to prove or disprove them as code devices were widely in use.
The PokeGods seem to have appeared in three main waves, each triggered by different reasons and met with a different reaction by the fans.

The first wave was triggered largely by early beta and pre-release artwork for the Gold and Silver versions released in Japan, mostly from the Spaceworld game trade show. This art and sparsely translated information on the upcoming games was found by American fans while Gold and Silver were still in production and mostly unknown to the rest of the world (having been mentioned only very briefly in a Nintendo Power issue dating before the Red/Blue versions were even announced). In an effort to understand and explain this artwork, the concept of the PokeGods was born. Most of the PokeGods and their rumors at this time spread by word-of-mouth, later finding its way onto the Internet and spreading even further.

The second wave began due to the release of later pre-release artwork and information for Gold and Silver, this time directed at English-speaking audiences, as well as the appearances of new Pokemon in the second movie, Revelation Lugia (titled "The Power of One" in America). While this new information helped further some of the older rumors and establish several PokeGods, it also was the start of the end for the PokeGod phenomenon. At this time many people had been playing the Red and Blue versions for nearly two years, and information was readily-available that showed them just what Gold and Silver was. The new Pokemon, rather than being believed to be in the current games, were accurately believed to appear in the upcoming games. Because of all this, only a few of the new Pokemon were rumored as PokeGods, and even then the methods for obtaining them were limited.

The third and final wave of PokeGods appeared just before or after the release of the Gold and Silver versions. Most of these PokeGods were found only on compiled lists, and unlike previous PokeGods, many seem to have been entirely fabricated (as opposed to being derived from pre-existing official artworks). Some sources indicate a few may be fan-given names for Gold and Silver Pokemon, though not enough are available for cross-reference. 

As Jaggerjaquez said before, Mew was the beginning of it all, having various to different methods on how to encounter it and tales of its inmense power made him the first Pokégod in existence, that is, it's the only pokémon considered pokégod that actually existed as it was described, which is kinda like saying it was the only good guess fans had.

Apart from these, there were a lot of recurring themes on how you will be able to acquire a Pokégod, which I will list right now:

1) Mr. Psychic:  A popular belief was that if you put the Legendary birds in your party in order along with 3 Geodudes, Mr. Psychic (the NPC who gives out TM29) would tell you about the Pokegods. This was pretty consistent, except that sometimes it was said that you also had to have all 150 Pokemon, and other times the Geodudes were not required.
Many sites said that having Mr. Psychic tell you about them was an "access code" that had to be done before any of the other codes would work. Why people believed that Mr. Psychic knew something about the Pokegods in the first place is unknown. None of the codes could actually get him to tell you about them, or anything different from what he would normally say. 

2) Bill's Secret Garden: Several of the Pokegods codes involved finding a way to go behind Bill's house and into his garden where rare Pokemon supposedly lived. Some variations referred to it as "Bill's Mountain" or "Bill's Forest" (in one of this versions, he even had a plane... like seriously??). This belief most likely came about due to there being an empty space behind Bill's house (instead of being filled with trees, etc) that can easily be seen by the player while walking in front of it. Similarly, though not as popular, there were also rumors about the inaccessible grass on the east and west sides of Pallet Town, most likely for the same reasons.

The fact that Bill gives you the tickets to the SS Anne most likely influenced the believability of this rumor as well, since the player's access to the ship would not have been possible without him. 

3) Pokegod City:  Pretty short and simple, there were several codes circulated that told of hidden cities where people had the PokeGods and would willingly trade them for common Pokemon. Popular names for this type of city were Cloud City, the PokeGod Factory, Pokemon/PokeGod Island, and Brick Town. Other names were thrown around, though they weren't nearly as popular. These cities often differed in what you could find there, but all shared the supposed presence of PokeGods and being able to obtain them easily there. 
Usually the codes went something like "Beat the Elite 4  x number of times and on the final time Oak will say I'm getting bored and take you around the hall of fame to a secret door which will take you to the Pokegod City in which people trade Pokegods."  Some tried, but it kinda never worked xD

4) Professor Oak's Gift: Often seen in combination with the other types of codes listed, it was common to claim that particular Pokegods or items (such as his "custom Pokeball") would be given to you by Prof. Oak after fulfilling some sort of requirement. An interesting point is that in later generations the various researchers do give you rare Pokemon after completing certain tasks.

5) Secret HMs: Like the Elemental Stones, HMs beyond the official five were said to exist in the game. No matter what their exact function was, their purpose was always for entering usually inaccessible areas. These areas were also usually "PokeGod Cities", as detailed above. 

Coincidentally in later generations, some HM's very similar to those mentioned in Pokegods rumors were introduced (Dive and Rock Smash being good examples). 

6) Catch em all: Many codes were only said to be possible after completion of the Pokedex (first 150), which was said to be a sort of access code similar to Mr. Psychic and often paired with that access code as well. Some variations said you needed 151 Pokemon (with Mew), 152 Pokemon (usually Pikablu), or some other random amount of PokeGods on top of the official 150.

This type of rumor saw reality in Gold and Silver and the later games in the series, where the player could receive a rare Pokemon, such as a starter, upon completing their pokedex to a certain number. This was implemented in conjunction with the "Professor Oak's Gift" type of code. 

7) Mist stones:  The Mist stones were a type of evolution stone believed to be capable of evolving every single Pokemon, even those which were already at their final stage of evolution. This stone was said to be found in the Seafoam Island after collecting every item in the area, then using the Itemfinder on literally every tile. Though it was initially said that there was only one Mist Stone, the rumor spread and it eventually became the catch-all secret stone that we know today.

Other secret stones were said to exist, with each evolving a specific Pokemon rather than being capable of affecting any. These stones were typically said to be obtained through use of the same method to obtain a Mist Stone, but in different areas. 

8) Do this "x" number of times to do... :  Beating the Elite Four x amount of times, talking to certain people x amount of times, or use of elemental stones x number of times. The numbers could vary dramatically and were usually very high. One reason this 'genre' of code may have been so popular is because if the numbers are very high, it is difficult for someone to disprove by personally testing. 

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Anyways this is all for today, expect next parts soon and probably another guest if I bother to look for one xD


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