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Monday, February 11, 2013

MORTAL KOMBAT! Ep-1 Beginning

Hallou people of the Underworld, R. Jaggerjaquez here :D Off topics for today:
1) I'm truly sincerely sorry that I didn't posted this the day I said I would, I didn't realized the date I stated I had exams DX But now that I got over that with today being my final exam, I can assure there will be no drawbacks anymore :D
2) When I gave you my PSN/LoL account so we could play, I really meant PLAY, not you asking me for money so you could buy GTA San Andreas... plz don't do that, it gets annoying....
3) I made a contest on Twitter to decide who will co-host my next post (no not this one) and the winner is Runaway Terrorist, congratulations I'll send you details later :3

That's it for now, let the kombat BEGIN!!!!!!!!!

Back in 1992, a game based on Jean Claude Van Damme, was on its road to fruition, but since Van Damme had other plans and decided not to shoot for the game, the producers were left without their star player. After much thinking one of them got of the hole and said, "hey, why don't we make our own fighting game?" The rest of the team agreed and they start working, considering the revolution that Street Fighter was, this team decided to make something that wasn't seen before, and hell, was it never seen before.....

Enter Mortal Kombat...
The first Mortal Kombat game was developed by Ed Boon and John Tobias over the flagship of what was Midway, with the incredible and arduous work of Dan "Toasty" Forden, MK had a lot of great and memorable tracks to hear while playing the game, this was when MK's self proclaimed catchphrase came as well, as the only thing you could here in the arcades were either "HADOKEN!" (courtesy of Ryu) or "GET OVER HERE!" (courtesy of Scorpion, curious fact, Ed Boon himself voiced Scorpion's phrases.) 

Anyways, Mortal Kombat was characterized by having digitized graphics, meaning that they shoot actors doing the various motions and incorporated them in game, which actually looked pretty sweet and wasn't being very well developed until this game came around, apart from that, remember when I said they wanted to do something different? Well yeah, the other characteristic of this game was its gory effects and its breath-taking Fatalities, which worked as a way to finish off your opponent in a very flashy and gory way. Back in the day, doing a Fatality instantly made you the King of The Hill (nowadays you can search for Fatalities in Google :/) 

Mortal Kombat made a huge impact and caused a lot of controversy becuz of the gore and violence issue, angry parents unable to control their kids shouted to the sky that this game was too violent and that it should cease production, mainly becuz of one Fatality in general, maybe burning your opponent alive or taking their heart out was in a way acceptable, but someone uppercutting your head AND your spine out of your body and hold it up in victory? Goody lord! That's the devil! Thanks to this single Fatality, the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) was created in order to give a rating to games and give a warning of the things that the game might contain.

Another interesting fact is what Mortal Kombat introduced, and that being......... you guessed it, SECRET FIGHTERS! Back in the day, you were fking GOD if someone saw you fighting against the weird green ninja that has both Scorpion and Sub-Zero's moves, this went so far that people began speculating that there were more secrets characters to be found,  even making up the majority of them while only having a little more than a basis on one, which was the Red Scorpion aka Ermac, but this is something to be told another time :P
Well it wasn't supposed to end so short, but I have to rush the other works, so this MK history will have like one or two more parts, expect them soon :D

Thank you for tuning on to us, see ya later Underworlders!! :D

I work, inside the shadows...
Draconic Nightmare R. Jaggerjaquez

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