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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mystery Duelist (Fanfic) Ep.3

Yo people of the Underworld, R. Jaggerjaquez here, sorry I've been kinda inactive but you know... I was kinda waiting for the feedback and then I noticed the feedback was sent to my mail rather than on the comment section below  -_- So after reading that I saw that you people kinda agreed to me posting the links to older creepys so as to avoid repeating the content, so that shall be done :3

On other news, I got addicted to League of Legends (aka LoL) and that's kinda the reason I didn't checked my mail xD anyways I'm still like level 22 or so, but if you want to play with me or anything, you can add me up my summoner name is (wait for it) XDNightmare (totally didn't expected it did you? xD)

Also, I recently got my hands on a fight stick :3 So I'm kinda practicing with it :P So if you wish to challenge me, feel free to add me PSN: XDNightmare, you can challenge me to Mortal Kombat 9, Soul Calibur IV, Soul Calibur V or Naruto Shipuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations (or UNS 2 if you wish), becuz they're kinda the only fighting games I could afford as of now xDD

So anyways, now since I can't keep track of the Pokégod thingy, I'll have to work with what I have :( So I'll deliver it to you yet incomplete.... something I didn't want to do, but ohh well so sad :(

Now since I think I already left you with too much to think about, I'll deliver episode 3 of my fanfic "Mystery Duelist" also giving you some tracks to follow along to make it a little more interesting :P So here we go, I'll take you on a wild ride!! Also if you haven't read this series, here are the links:
Link 1:
Link 2:

Zmoke: My turn. Draw. Normal summon, Technomancer Beast (Atribute Earth, Type Machine, Level 4, 1700 ATK/1000 DEF) in attack position.
A mechanical cerberus-like monster appeared on the field, leaving out a menacing roar before fixing its gaze at Power-Tool Dragon.
Zmoke: 4-card set. Turn concluded.
Four set cards appeared in Zmoke's field as its turn ended.
Luna: My turn, draw!

Luna's hand contains Sunlight Unicorn, Kuribon, Ancient Forest, Monster Reborn, Messenger of Peace and she drew Regulus.
Luna: Ok, I summon Regulus (1700 ATK/1000 DEF) in attack mode!
Regulus appears with a roar, as he nods at Luna, and she smiles.
Luna: Now I activate Messenger of Peace from my hand, now no monsters with more then 1500 ATK can declare battle so long as I pay 100 life points each of my stand-by phases.
Zmoke: Reverse card open, Mystical Space Typhoon, this card allows me to destroy one of your spell or trap cards. I choose Messenger of Peace.
A wild typhoon appears from Zmoke's played card as it went on to destroy Messenger of Peace on Luna's side of the field.
Luna: Ack!
Leo: Don't worry Luna, I'll protect you!
Luna: Thanks Leo.
Leo kept smiling at Luna while holding his thumb up in order to make her feel safer.
Luna: I end my turn!
Dragon smirks as he readies himself to start his turn.
Yusei: I don't like this...
Aki: Yusei, is everything ok?
Yusei: This duelist named Dragon.... what does he seek with this?
Jack: He'll just be another one to feel the king's wrath!
Yusei: I don't know if the kids can handle this...
Crow: Don't worry Yusei, Leo and Luna are capable duelists, they'll overcome this...
Yusei: Yeah... Leo, don't let your guard down!
Leo: I know! Bring it Dragon!
Luna (to herself): What will happen... if we lose?
Dragon: Ikuze! (Let's go!) Ore no tan! Dorovu! (My turn! Draw!)
Crow: What's up with this guy??
Yusei: He's... trying to speak... japanese?
Dragon: Hey, I can hear you...
Jack: Stop fooling around!
Dragon: My my, I'm just making this a little more entertaining.
Yusei: Entertaining?
Dragon: Well yeah entertaining for me, I get bored too easily, so I must keep it hype, isn't that right Zmoke?
Zmoke: Affirmative.
Dragon: Mmm I should probably add him some emotions or something...
Jack: Don't kid with us! make your move already!!
Dragon: Silence, let this mind game come into play, as I shall work my way through your senses, and get into you, until finally, you're on the verge of madness! I normal summon Flareth the Dragon King of Flames (Atribute Dark, type Dragon, Level 4, 1900 ATK/1200 DEF) in attack mode!
A dragon made of fire made its way into the field, as its flames ignited the field with its crimson color.
Dragon: Now, when Flareth is normal summoned successfully, I can special summon from my hand a level 4 or lower "Dragon King" monster, but it can't attack this turn, I summon Seidon the Dragon King of Torrents (Atr. Dark, type Dragon, Level 3, 800 ATK/2000 DEF) in defense mode.
A torrent of water suddenly appeared alongside Flareth, taking the form of an aquatic dragon in a defensive stance, growling lightly to itself as it closed its wings as a shield.
Yusei: Dragon Kings? I've never heard of them before.... neither of those Technomancers Zmoke uses...
Jack: It's weird... I've also never heard of them before...
Dragon: It's because they're not of this world.
Leo: What?!?
Luna: He's scaring me...
Aki: Explain yourself, what do you mean exactly "not of this world"?

Dragon: Don't worry Aki... you shall know soon enough... matter of fact, all of you will understand, the terror of the void!
Luna: The... void...?
Luna now shows a face of concern and full horror, as she doesn't senses that the place Dragon mentions as the "void" to be a nice place.
Leo: Don't worry Luna, I won't let him touch you!
Dragon: Can you really hold me back Leo? Fine, I'll let you be the first to taste my power, I activate the second effect of Flareth, when another "Dragon King" is present on the field, I can deal 500 direct damage for each "Dragon King" monster on my side of the field!
Leo: Wh.. what!??
Dragon: Ikuzo! Meteor Flame Bombs!
Flareth rapidly flapped its wings, sending small needle-like projectiles in Leo's direction, Leo covers his face with his arms, as the needles strike him.
Leo: Ahhhh! uh...
Luna: Leo! Are you alright???
Leo: Yeah I'm fine..
Leo and Luna's life points are reduced to 7000 life points while Dragon and Zmoke's life points are increased to 8500 life points.
Yusei: Wait, why did your life points increased?
Dragon: It's the second effect of Seidon, when I inflict damage to my opponent except by battle, I receive half the damage dealt as extra life points.

Crow: That's sick, while Flareth deals damage with his effect, he'll continuously be gaining life points back by the effect of Seidon...
Jack: His monsters are powerful...
Dragon: You haven't seen anything yet! I activate Seidon's first effect, I can banish a monster with "Dragon King" in its name from my deck, and during my stand-by phase, that monster is inmediatly added to my hand. So i think I'll send this card...
Dragon checks his deck and grabs a card, and he inserts the card in a slot in his duel disk.
Dragon: I set 2 cards face-down, and I end my turn.
Leo: This suddenly has become harder... But I won't give in to desperation! I'll show you what I'm all about!
Dragon: This is what I seek! Bring it on boy, show me what you got!
Luna: Good luck Leo!
Leo: Thanks Luna, it's my turn, I draw!!
Jujuju cliffhanger's I don't want this duel to end so soon so I'll keep it here for now and go work in the Pokégods, in the next post I'll give you the dates I'll upload the missing 3 parts of the Pokégods, so stay tuned to us, and yeah, I'll try to be updating material so as to make your while coming here :P

This is it for today, see ya later Underworlders!!
The Koopa King draws nearer...
Rickz Jaggerjaquez

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  1. stop cliffhanging the fuck out of us!! DX Either way nice I'm liking it