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Friday, December 14, 2012

I'm baaaaack! >:D + Little Inferno (PC) Review

Hi guys! Long time no see. Pérez finally reporting back for duty. Sorry I've been absent this past months, but this last university period was HORRIBLE for me. So far, it's my worst period. Happily, I managed to approve all my assignements (you can ask Judini how bad I was doing in a class). I approved my worst class thanks to its laboratory which represents 40% of the class's grade and I managed to score 34 in the lab :D I ended up finishing approving with a 64%, which is pretty dissapointing for me because I entered the period aiming for at least an 80%. Well, I hope I do better next period. It was kind of ironic for me that my best class was General Chemistry and I initially thought that it was going to be my worst class thanks to the lame Chemistry I received in my school XD

So, off-topics aside, I'm going to review Tomorrow Corporation's latest game, Little Inferno. You can find it for PC (which is the one I totally got legally... yeah right...XD) and Wii U. The Mac and Linux version are still in development.

General Aspects
Developer: Tomorrow Corporation
Release Date: November 18, 2012 (Wii U America), November 19, 2012 (PC), and November 30, 2012 (Wii U Europe).
Genre: Puzzle
Rating: T

The game is basically about a kid who lives apparently by himself in a house. For some unknown reason, it has been snowing non-stop for a lot of time (so long that the inhabitants of the city can't recall since when it has been snowing). The kid gets a Little Inferno Enterntainment Fireplace from the Tomorrow Corporation.
The story is nice, but has its dark moments. There was a point where I was like O_______O
The game's story isn't the most important aspect of the game. For most of the game, you'll ignore it and continue to burn stuff. It's a nice and simple plot that won't win a prize, but its originality and dark twists sure are things that will stick with you.
Score: 7.5/10

The gameplay is very simple. You buy stuff, wait a few seconds to minutes for it to get delivered, and then burn it in your chimney. Simple as that. When you burn things, you'll get coins back so you can continue buying more stuff. Sometimes you'll also get some coupons that if you're desperate for your stuff to arrive fast, you can use them to instantly receive whatever you purchased. You also get to burn one-eyed spiders and I guess that some kind of flying one-eyed spider (I sincerely don't know how to describe it) O.O You also have to make some combinations of objects (combos) that you'll burn in order to get more catalogs (you buy stuff from the catalogs).
Since it's a simple gameplay and works perfectly, I can only give it a 10, because like I said, it works perfectly. I sincerely can't think of a way to improve the gameplay.
Score: 10/10

In the sound effects part, the game has really cool sound effects. It's great to hear children burnig alive and screaming (yes, you read correctly XD). The fire sounds completely real, so real that I feel that I'm camping with my scout group. You also get to hear various sound effects. Every object that you can burn, makes a different sound when they're burning. You'll get from screaming children, to fireworks, to explosions, etc.
In the music part, it almost nonexistent. I can only remember four songs on the entire game, which three were only background music when you read letters. I will make a distinction with the theme song of the game. It's simply great *-*
Score: 8/10

The game obviously doesn't have Crysis 3-like graphics, but thats okay. Not all games have to be realistic. The game's graphics work perfectly for the game. You have cartoon-like graphics most of the time can also see to 8-bit graphics with some of the objects you burn. Fire kinda looks realistic.
The art style, like I said, works perfectly with the game. It helps set the mood of the game. I believe that they work so good, that if the game was made with realistic graphics, I would doubt that it would have the same impact.
Score: 10/10

Replay Value
Well, since this game is a single-player game, you would think that it won't have a big replay value, but you're wrong. The game is very short, but with the combos you have to make, the experience extends a lot. It's necesarry for you to achieve a certain amount of combos to continue advancing. I think that with just the necessary amount of combos, you could finish the game in 4 hours, but if you decide to achieve them all, it will take you a few more hours. I finished the game with all its 99 combos in 6 hours and 45 minutes. I can't say if all combos are difficult, since I had the bad luck of downloading the Spanish (Spanish from Spain) version, so some combos' names were really strange and difficult to guess how to make them (especially since Spain's Spanish is different from Honduras's and the game had some words that only Spanish people use). The main source of replay value is the game itself. In the beginning, the game tells you that there are no highscores, awards, etc., and that's the magic behind the game: you only have to burn stuff. After you've finshed the game, you can go back and and continue to burn more stuff and feed your pyromaniac soul (I definitely have one XD).
Score: 8/10

Little Inferno is a short but awesome game. It will get repetitive for some people, but it will always be calming for others. The game is only USD $15, so I recommend you to get it.
Final Score: 9/10

I hope you give the game an opportunity :D

Disclaimer: None of the images used in the review belong to me nor any member of the blog.


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