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Monday, January 7, 2013

2012: A Review of Our Year

Hi guys! Pérez and the rest of the Underworld team here. I hope you've had a good holiday season.
Like the titles says, we're going to make a review of each of our 2012. We'll tell which were the best animes we saw, the best mangas we read and th best videogames we played (they don't have to necessarily have been released in the 2012) in a Top3 fashion. So lets-a go!! XD

Best Anime
Pérez: Well, this year I couldn't watch as much anime as I would have liked, but I did get to watch a few awesome animes. My Top3 of animes that I watched this past 2012 would be:
3- Cowboy Bebop: It was recommended by a friend who wanted to make a cosplay of Vincent Volaju, so he wanted me to be Spike Spiegel. Lets just say that I was a Spike Spiegel with a black suit instead of a blue one XD Now, returning to the anime, it was just great. The story is excellent, but I'll admit that it took me about 10 episodes to start liking it. After that, for me, the quality of the anime skyrocketed.
2- Busou Renkin: With this one, Danny was the one that recommended it to me while I was reading the Rurouni Kenshin manga. In just 26, I was absorbed a lot in the story.
1- Fate/zero: Kaiser Nebur was the one that recommended it to me and I have to say it, it's one hell of an anime :D My favorite character was Kariya and the character I hated the most was Gilgamesh. It managed with only 25 episodes to make me cry with some of the deaths :/  It gave me practically the same emotions as Busou Renkin, but I ended up choosing Fate/zero as my top anime because I liked more the story.
Honorable Mention: I feel that I have to mention the Sora no Otoshimono anime because I feel that it is the funniest (with its second season Sora no Otoshimono Forte) anime I've seen in my life. I laughed so much, that sometimes my head started to hurt XD

Judini: My my, hallou people of the Underworld, R. Jaggerjaquez/Judini/Ricardo/Creepypaster here, so becuz I was kinda interested in making something like this and Pérez got ahead of me, I might as well contribute to the post :D so same format as Pérez, and I dunno, I'll take you on a wild ride!
NUMBER 3: Hell, I've been able to see so many animes, it wasn't so tough to decide on my Top3 as it may look, but anyways, I'm giving this spot to Black Cat, amazing story, amazing characters, and the ever present fan-service xD
NUMBER 2: Number 2 spot is taken by Hellsing, lol sincerely this is awesome, I can't stop watching Alucard kicking ass and being a dick xD I even have a wallet including his Restriction Release simbol :3
 NUMBER 1: Yo, does Btooom!  ring a bell? This was recommended to me by a friend and it's AWESOME! totally deserving my first place, I won't say anything about it, just give it a shot I promise you'll like it :)
HONORABLE MENTION: Meeh, I'll give it to Karas becuz although it was good, it was SOOOO small, I mean 6 episodes, dafuq with them? I understand that production was pretty expensive but damn.


1) Fairy Tail: As a love of anything that relates to a magical world, specially if it includes dragons and why not some fanservice here and there I have to recognize this one as the best anime that I have seen this year. I am not very far yet, just have started watching the Magical Games but Ill continue watching it until I am to date and then Ill start with the manga. I really recommend this one to all of those who love magic related stuff to watch this one. 
2) Busou Renkin: I knew that Nobuhiro wasnt going to fail me with this anime, a cute but not sickly sweet love story and plenty of action ensured that I really enjoyed this anime thoroughly. Although the ending(no spoilers) could have been better, this anime is still worth watching.
3) Clannad: Pretty sure that everyone has at least heard of this anime, the only thing that I can say about this anime is that it is sure to bring out more than just a tear when watching it.

Kaiser Nebur:

Best Manga
Pérez: I started reading mangas in December 2011 where I read in 21 days Bleach's manga and I also read the manga of Candy Boy (what can I say? I love yuri :3). After that, I've read a few more mangas. Unlike animes, I could read a few chapters of manga to distract myself a little bit when I was studying for a test. This year I've read some fantastic mangas, but also, started reading the mangas of some of the animes that I grew up watching so that I could remember them. My Top3 would be:
3- Rurouni Kenshin: It was the first manga of the old animes that I grew up with that I read. I even made a post about it when I finished it (by the way, in the comments of the post, two persons asked about Shogo Amakusa. I forgot to say that I only made the Top10 with characters that did appear in the manga). The story was way better than what I remembered, and got the nice surprise of the Yukishiro saga which is an OVA of the anime for some reason.
2- Black Cat: I remember Danny talking about it back in early 2011 when we were still in school. Back then, I thought it didn't sound so good, but when Danny finally convinced me to read it around March 2012, I started reading it with doubts. At first I didn't like it a lot and stopped reading it because I didn't understand it, but one day, for some reason, I started reading it again and started understanding it more and started liking it a lot. I ended up reading it completely and finally understood what Danny said about the story and all. I highly recommend it :D With Danny, we have the idea of making a group cosplay someday of Sven and Train :P
1- Elfen Lied: A friend of mine called Bernarda recommended me to watch the anime of Elfen Lied, but since I didn't have much time to watch anime, I tolde her I would read the manga instead, and man, what a great manga it turned out to be! The story is simply fantastic and I loved it from the beginnig (plus, the ecchi wasn't bad at all ;) ) XD I could say that with Elfen Lied, I decided to better read the mangas instead of watching animes because the animes are usually subjects of a lot of changes.
Honorable Mention: I feel that I should mention that I didn't include Bleach in the list because the last two arcs have been a rollercoaster. The Fullbring arc was good, but it wasn't nowhere near as good as the Arrancar saga, and the actual saga, started slow, got really amazing, and ended up with filler (yup, Kubo Tite is the first mangaka to include filler in a manga XD). It took a few weeks for the manga to be interesting again.

Judini: No rodeos here, check them out...
NUMBER 3: Hey, what better deserving than the Naruto manga? not bad but not that good either, had its ups and its down, hey ya noticed that Naruto apparently isn't gay anymore? xD
NUMBER 2: This one goes to Katekyo Hitman Reborn, even though it was given such a shitty ending, I think its overall story, likeable characters, memorable villians-turned-allies gave it more of a dime than it intended :P
NUMBER 1: I'll give my number one spot to Magi, my girlfriend recommended it to me, and even though I thought it was silly (the main character also being pretty perv/genius) it ended up giving me a nice reading experience and overall, I believe I got pretty hyped when they started making the anime of it :3
HONORABLE MENTION: Bleach, awesome fights, yet lacking story, reused clichés (I AM YOUR FATHER) and fking FILLER in a manga.   


Kaiser Nebur:

Best Videogame
Pérez: Like with animes, I couldn't play as much games as I would have liked, but still got to play some awesome games this year. They were either in a Nintendo console, a Nintendo emulator or a PC. My Top3 would be:
3- Pro Evolution Soccer 2012: I got it as a Christmas present in 2011, but I included it because I played it a lot this year also. I liked FIFA 10 for Wii, so I decided to try PES to see how it was. For my surprise, I liked it a lot more than FIFA 10. I really liked the gameplay and liked even more realist graphics than FIFA's cartoon-like graphics. I did get disappointed when I saw that Konami wouldn't give a roster update for the game, but well, from one year to another, there isn't a big difference ^_^
2- MadWorld: Judini gave it to me as a birthday present back in May, and I finally finished it in New Year XD I'm planning on making a review soon ^_^ The game was fun, it did get kinda repetitive, but the boss battles were really great *-* I still haven't played the multiplayer though... XD
1- The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: Simply, a masterpiece. TLOZ: The Wind Waker for many years was my favorite Zelda game, but Skyward Sword finally took the throne. I can tell you, if you don't have a Wii, this game is the game that should make you get one :D
Honorable Mention: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars DS: It is my first GTA game and I really liked it. I played it in the NO$GBA emulator, so I had sometimes a hard time with the gameplay and framerate, which in a particular mission made stop advancing in the story and just kill people XD After I finished it, I was amazed with the story and stopped thinking that the GTAs were only useful to kill people and run from the cops :)

Judini: Well, the icing to my cake this year, let's see what we have shall we?
NUMBER 3: Mmm well I think I'm leaving this spot as a tie, as I will include both Soul Calibur V and King of Fighters XIII here, why? They're fighting games :3 Also, one (SCV) is an excellent game of a series I've been in love with since the first installment (Soul Blade), I don't really know why people flame on it, but I really like it, I like the Brave Edge system, Nightmare is at his best (even though I prefer the SCIV model) The only thing I didn't like is that they took Talim and Cassandra out of the game :/ Now KOF XIII is an extremely balanced game, it feels like the KOF 97 era yet more beautiful looking and revamped fighting system that still feels nice, also, I LOVE YURI SAKAZAKI! :3
NUMBER 2: This spot is given to League of Legends, hell, Danny invited me to play this crap, and even though I didn't like it at the beginning, once I played a few more matches, I got addicted to it, as of right now I'm level 30, also this game made me stay up late almost like Mortal Kombat 2011 did, so it deserves second spot :) (Add me if you want, names XDNightmare)
NUMBER 1: So what title is deserving of my first place? Simple, Metroid Other M (yes, I finally played it xD). Now now, I know what you'll say *whiny fanvoice* Metroid Other M sukx! It makes Samus look like an arrogant b*tch and also a wimp! So to that I have one simple thing to say, the only difference between this game and the other Metroid games is that Samus now talks, she probably was like that in the first place, but becuz she didn't talk, we had no way of knowing, also this is my opinion, respect it. Metroid Other M is the best game I played this year and it's totally deserving of this first place.
HONORABLE MENTION: Need for Speed Most Wanted is the only NFS game I was dying to play for a long time, and thanks to acquaintances of the university, I finally got it for my PC, so I played it, and it far outranked NFS Underground 1/2 out of my favorite NFS game, seriously I love this game :3


 1)Minecraft: You may or may not know that I am a huge fan of this game, I have always liked sandbox games that allow you to do whatever you wish to the world, and this game gives a completely new meaning to the gender sandbox. This definitely takes the place of my favorite game of this year and very probably of all times, I congratulate Mojang on making such an addicting and amazing game.
2)Oblivion: Very well designed story, tons of game time and impressive graphics are some of the best aspects of this game, there is just so much that you can do in the world of Cyrodil that youre never going to be left bored.
3) Assassins Creed Brotherhood: Great game from a great series, I can say without fear of being called wrong that any game with Ezio Auditore is a game worth playing.

Kaiser Nebur:

So that was our 2012 review. We hope that you liked it, and tell us in the comments which were your favorite animes, mangas and/or videogames of 2012 :D

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