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Monday, November 5, 2012

Ohh you didn't know??

Hello people of the Underworld, R. Jaggerjaquez here, well I know I said that I would post part two of the creepys on the 31st of October, but here, I'll tell you a little story...

On my search of some nice and spooky creepypastas, I received some mails of people sending me creepys that they wanted me to publish... which I had no problem doing so but... the things is this, majority of the creepys people sent me were creepys I already posted here... which I felt was something to think about, becuz either you people forget really easily, or the blog itself has new followers who didn't saw the old creepys, so I was torn between posting those creepys again or still looking for some new ones, becuz even though I know I shouldn't reuse material I already posted, I kinda feel bad for the new ones who didn't saw the old ones, so what I will do is the following:

Everytime I post a creepypasta, I'll give you the links of the past creepys for you to enjoy at your own discretion :3 So if you can please tell me what you think? Once I get enough feedback, I will resume the creepys more easily on me.

Please give me your thoughts in the comment section below!

See ya later people of the Underworld!!!
Two guns, one sword :3
Crimson Nightmare Jaggerjaquez

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