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Monday, February 20, 2012


Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. I'm talking to a friend who wants to write for the blog :D He likes comics, videogames and anime. He mostly wants to write about comics, but I told him that he could write about anything ;) I thank it because I've learned that I suck in comics. My "knowledge" is to general, but he at least knows waaaaaaaaay more than me. XD
Returning to the post, I'm going to talk you about fanboys.
Fanboys are people that blindly follow a company/comic/character/etc and can never find a defect in any of their products AND will insult fans from other companies/comics/mangas/characters/etc (mostly without actually knowing of what they're talking about). I feel that they're not true fans because a good fan will know the limitations of their idol.

What's wrong with being a fanboy?
The biggest problem is that you're practically shutting yourself from other great experiences. Let's take a Nintendo fanboy for example. A Nintendo fanboy will NEVER play in another console, even though his friends are having a great time. I at first considered myself like a N-fanboy, but thanks to Judini and watching fanboys arguing, I noticed that I'm simply a Nintendo fan, but I still like to play in someone else's PS3 and Xbox360. It is sad watching a fanboy war, because all sides are wrong. Yes, the Wii's graphics suck, so? I don't remember if it was Miyamoto or Iwata that said that with the Wii they focused more on gameplay that graphics (which sometimes suck, I know. For me, only having motion controls in the future is not the best thing because sometimes some game types won't be very good with motion controls, FIFA for Wii anyone?)

How can you stop being a fanboy?
Simple. Start playing other game genres, gaming consoles, reading different types of comics and mangas, etc. But don't rush it, because you may play/read something you don't like and are going to get frustrated. I recommend you to ask your friends, relatives, or anyone you know that play/read/like something that you've never experienced. If you don't like mangas and only like comics, ask someone what type of mangas they read and see if you can find a genre that attracts you. There are a lot of types of mangas, ranging from mechas like Gundam to psychological like Death Note to spokon (sports) like Captain Tsubasa etc. You just have to find something that you like.

Funny/Dumb/Epic Fails comments of fanboys I've seen
1- PS fanboy talking about Kid Icarus: Uprising
"Nintendo is obviously trying to copy Sony's God of War by making a game based on the Greek culture. What a shame Nintendo."
 2- Naruto fanboy talking nonsense
"Naruto could beat Goku's ass with his eyes closed. Naruto's rasengan is way stronger and better than Goku's kamehameha."
3- Belieber talking about Queen's "Somebody to Love"
"I'm tired of this rock bands copying Justin Bieber. You may be the Queen, but Justin Bieber is tha King. STOP COPYING HIM!"
4-  CoD/Battlefield fanboy
"Call of Duty/Battlefield is the best thing that has ever happened to videogames. If you disagree, then you're probably a f@g."
5-  Colin Moriarty (IGN) "The PlayStation Vita Is Set to Succeed"
"...For better or for worse, Vita will be pitted against the Nintendo 3DS. But the comparison doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and even if you were to pit them against each other, Vita is still destined to sell better... Vita is therefore not only echelons ahead of 3DS in terms of games, but it's light years ahead of Nintendo's handheld in terms of tech. Comparing the two isn't even really fair, as I've discussed before, and it's a fallacy to continue to do so.... Nintendo isn't the primary competition for Sony this time around. The major complaint against something like Vita is that its space is being encroached upon by the phone and tablet market, and hence the real competition for Vita will come from Apple and Android devices...Should Sony feel threatened by its competition? Sure. But Nintendo is the least of Sony's concerns these days...."

So, I hope that if you're a fanboy, you decide to give something else a try. ^_^
See you later Underworlders!


  1. simply love your post mr Perez.... i do not consider myself a fanboy however your tips have let in me some knowledge.... love your bullshit example of idiotic fanboys who think less than a fly... i hope i can write in your blog soon... by Kaiser Nebur.

  2. i simply apreciate incredibly how you want me here Perez.... i would like to write and spread the ancient knowledge of anime/manga/ videogames/comics here... best wishes.
    Kaiser Nebur.

  3. why havent you published data about Dr fate?

    1. Sorry, totally forgot about it. I'll publish it tomorrow ^_^